Incredible changes: Bohdan from Bakhmut who lost both parents returned home after rehabilitation
His story shook the whole of Ukraine. In October, 8-year-old Bohdan lost both his parents, who were killed by an enemy shell right on the street. The boy's mother at that time was seven months pregnant. The parents died when they were going to the funeral of their relative, who also died at the hands of the enemy. After learning about the death of his parents, Bohdan rode a bicycle at night to the scene of the terrible event. The bodies of his parents lay on the street for several days, because of constant shelling it was not possible to bury them immediately.

Law enforcement officers, having learned about Bohdan's story, evacuated him to a safe place. After that, he was taken by his stepfather's first wife.
For a month Bogdan and other children from the hot spots of Ukraine were rehabilitated in the educational and recreational camp Gen.Camp in the south of Spain. To get all the permits, the organizers had to go through a long way of negotiations, registration of new documents, and guardianship rights, to persuade the new family to let the child go.

"The child described to us how many shells were sticking out of his stepfather's body and how his mother's head was broken. He had so many trials that not every adult is able to survive them, - says the founder of the camp Oksana Lebedeva. - "When we took him to the camp, we expected the worst. But Bogdanchik adapted very quickly and became a real star of our camp. Here he saw the sea for the first time in his life. He was so happy to see it. I have never seen anything like that before. It was a wild delight, a state of absolute happiness. We were very worried about his reaction to airplanes. Because over the past year, he got used to the fact that planes do not bring anything good. And he was so relaxed and happy when passenger flights flew over the sea, sincerely admired."
Bogdanchik underwent a course of rehabilitation and psychological assistance. Every day the boy learned to fight his fears, learned to live his painful experience. After one of the therapies, he drew a picture that protects him. It depicts a shield, a bloody hand, and the heart of Ukraine. Bohdan admits that the shield does not always protect him, sometimes he still has terrible dreams, but the little Ukrainian is learning not to be afraid of them.

According to the results of rehabilitation, the project psychologists noted that Bogdan has a good aptitude for sports, and easily learns everything new. The boy is active, has the desire to help adults, and rejoices in success. Bogdan is easy to get along with, sociable, and gentle. He is able and shows compassion for others.

Now Bohdan has returned to his foster family, the boy was taken by his stepfather's ex-wife. The Gen Camp team continues to monitor the progress of the child and keeps in touch with the boy's guardians.

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