Healing invisible wounds of Ukrainian children


About us

Gen.Ukrainian is a public organization that is dedicated to the mental rehabilitation of children who have faced the horrors of the war.

We hold psychological intensives, create innovative rehabilitation programs, conduct research, and implement projects designed to improve the mental health of children and adults.

We treat children's invisible wounds for the sake of our common happy future.

Сhildren's psyche is flexible and capable of almost 100% recovery

What We Do

We create our own, science-baсked programs for the rehabilitation of childhood war trauma. We collaborate with relevant Ministries for the further implementation of the programs throughout Ukraine.

Gen.Camp is an educational and rehabilitation camp for children who are experiencing the loss of their parents and the terrible traumatic events of the war – they witnessed murders, survived bombings, shelling, were under occupation, and were subjected to violence.

The participation in Gen.Camp is free of charge. Rehabilitation is provided with the support of Olena Zelenska Foundation and Ukrainian philanthropists.

Educational work with parents and guardians. Gen.Ukrainian psychotherapists help to understand how to recognize signs of psychological disorders in a child's behavior and what to do about it.

Research on childhood resilience and the dynamics of changes in the indicators of post-traumatic reactions of children after rehabilitation, including the control of both psychological and physiological indicators.

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Gen.Camp is an educational and rehabilitation camp for children who have lost one or both parents. Here, the most experienced specialists help children overcome psychological trauma, integrate traumatic experiences, and regain the joy of childhood.

In 2023, Gen.Camp moved from Spain to Ukraine.

The purpose of the Gen.Camp:
stabilization of the psychological and emotional state of a child after a traumatic experience.

The duration of the program: 21 days.
Location: Ukraine.

The participation in Gen.Camp is free of charge. Rehabilitation is provided with the support of Olena Zelenska Foundation and Ukrainian philanthropists.

Our children are forced to live their only childhood during the difficult events of the war. This traumatic experience will stay with them forever, but we cannot allow it to steal their childhood and become a burden that prevents them from developing and shaping their future. Working with young Ukrainians who have lost the most precious thing – their parents, I am more and more convinced that the most inviolable generation in our history is growing before our eyes – the one Ukraine has long deserved!

Oksana Lebedeva

Founder of Gen.Ukrainian

The comprehensive program of psychological rehabilitation

We use a unique combination of scientific-based strategies of trauma treatment for children, who suffered from war. The match of group and individual forms of psychotherapy allows us to provide children with intensive but longstanding results of treatment. We work with over 28 different tools to make sure that we can reach out to different children with the specifically adjusted approach.

Sheltered by Love

Gen.Ukrainian team of experienced psychologists have created their own innovative program in dealing with trauma called “Sheltered by Love” since existing international programs were simply not oriented for such depth of war trauma in the 21st century.

We are sharing our own treatment programs and updated protocols with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, to help with the rehabilitation of children who have experienced trauma from the war and help them in their path to recovery. The protocols of assistance for such children that Gen.Ukrainian are groundbreaking and have the potential to elevate international standards of trauma treatment.

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MONATIK, together with the JUL and Gen.Ukrainian, launched a joint limited edition collection.

The main element featured in the drop is a bright heart. This is a scanned drawing of a child who underwent rehabilitation at the Gen.Camp.

100% of profits from the sale of this collection will be donated to provide individual psychotherapy for Ukrainian children and to treat psychological trauma, caused by war.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

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We provide children, who unfairly experienced the war horrors, with the chance to have a bright and happy future. 100% of the funds collected are used to provide psychological rehabilitation to children and their parents/guardians.