Unique experience of Ukrainians during the war, creation of the author's program "Protected by love"
Oksana Lebedeva, founder of Gen Ukrainian, says:
In total, during the existence of Gen.Camp more than 60 children have undergone rehabilitation and received psychological assistance from leading Ukrainian specialists. The participants of our camp are children from the hot spots of Ukraine, aged 6 to 12 years. These are children from Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kyiv region, the city of Bakhmut in Donetsk region, the village of Yahidne in Chernihiv region... All of them have gone through a difficult traumatic experience that will forever remain in the memory of a child. There is no pill for forgetting. And our task is not to make children forget about everything as a terrible dream, the main goal of the Gen.Camp is to help them overcome this terrible experience of war, to teach them to live in a new reality and grow up healthy and strong Ukrainians.

Only Ukrainians work with children in our camp. The experience that Ukrainians are going through today in the conditions of full-scale war is unique. World psychologists have not encountered such cases in their practice. The Syrian scenario, for example, does not suit us. We have a completely different mentality and culture, and we have our own peculiarities of social environment, and this is also an important factor during rehabilitation.
During the first shift of Gen. Camp, we integrated into the program the achievements of recognized world practices for the rehabilitation of children and our own development. And based on the results of the first shift, we developed the author's program "Protected by Love". It was developed by the leading psychologist of the project Oksana Shlyonska. The program is based on the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy and catatonic-imaginative psychotherapy, which are recognized psychotherapeutic methods around the world. When working with children, we work in several directions. The first is group therapy, when children "normalize" each other, and share their stories. The second is individual therapy, where trauma is worked out with a psychologist directly with the participant. And the third direction is to work with parents and guardians.
Our activity is not limited to the perimeter of the camp, we provide consulting support to the parents and guardians of our pupils. Because after a month of staying in the camp, children return to their environment, and adults should know how to live and work with them, and how to continue the effect gained in our camp.

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the collected funds are directed to online consultations with psychotherapists for children and their parents.