In psychology, there is a concept of containment: when a child cannot cope with his emotions, his parents help him to live them. To calm, listen and explain feelings - parents use their emotional resource as a "container" for the child's emotions.

During the war, parents cannot accept the experiences and pain of their children to the same extent, because they are also overwhelmed with pain and suffering. When a mother worries, and cries, she becomes an unreliable object of attachment for the child.

What happens next?

The child stops telling her about his experiences. He can be silent because he sees the pain of his mother and is afraid to burden her with his experiences. Any hidden trauma will manifest itself sooner or later. Therefore, the role of a psychologist in such cases is to take over this pain and experience.
What can be the consequences?

Excessive illnesses. The child may start to get sick, parents will treat a runny nose, and symptoms of asthma, colitis, gastritis, eating disorders, etc. may appear - all these diseases are treated in combination with a psychologist.

A psychologist is needed not only for the affected child but also for his/her parents/guardians. After all, during the period of a child's experience of trauma, there is a need for a special attitude to education, so as not to cause even more harm to the child.

Psychologists at Gen.Ukrainian work not only with children but also with their guardians, so we are confident that the graduates of the camp will feel understanding and support when they return home.

Do not think that the pain will go away by itself, that time heals. Contact the specialists in time.

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